Wilderness Medicine Resources

I get a lot of emails from medical students and paramedics asking how to get involved with wilderness and expedition medicine. While it certainly helps to have friends in the field anyone can can make it with some hard work and persistence. The resources below should get you going in the right direction.

This is a team effort. If you know of other opportunities, electives, blogs etc then please contact me so I can add them. Similarly, if a link is no longer working or an organization no longer exists, please let me know that too. Good luck!

How to Get Involved in Wilderness Medicine

A guide written primarily for medical students but useful to others as well.

Student Electives & Fellowships

The most up-to-date list available for elective opportunities for students & residents as well as formal fellowships in wilderness medicine.

Guidelines, Articles & Reviews

WMS Practice Guidelines as well as other relevant journal articles and review pages.

Wilderness Medicine Courses & Conferences

Upcoming conferences, courses or other interesting events I have come across related to wilderness and expedition medicine.

Organizations, Blogs & Useful Links

A collection of wilderness-oriented medical organizations and blogs.

Expedition Medic Jobs & Volunteering 

Several opportunities to get experience as an expedition medic both in the US and internationally.