ERres - Emergency Medicine in the Palm of Your Hand

ERres is an easy-to-navigate bedside tool containing the various calculators, medication lists, algorithms, decision rules, clinical policies and core content most often looked up by emergency care providers. An evidence-based and up-to-date app that works on both your iPhone/iPad AND Android devices. Continuously updated and expanded…

ERres is currently ranked in over 60 countries worldwide and was even mentioned in the popular EM:RAP podcast October 2014 as the top app in emergency medicine! So why continue buying paperback references year after year when for the price of a large mocha latte you can buy ERres now and get all future updates… for free!?!?

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Don’t order that CT scan just yet! Ottawa rules, NEXUS criteria, PECARN, Alvarado score and more are just a finger tip away.


Who gets charcoal? What’s the dose of NAC? Blind as a bat and mad as a… ?? Click here to find out. Management for common toxins as well.


Let’s face it… point of care ultrasound is becoming standard of care. Whether for pregnancy, gallbladder, eFAST or more, just swipe and start learning.


Code meds. Antidotes. Vasopressors. Common drips. You get the idea.


I’m a wilderness medicine doctor, enough said.


Weight-based dosages for critical care meds, fluids and more available in the weight-based tape. Along with croup, Salter Harris fractures, febrile seizures and more!


Common injuries and management broken down by system… from spinal cord syndromes to blunt cardiac injury to that elusive Bohler’s angle.


Sedation, intubation and resuscitation… sometimes you don’t have time to run to a book or a computer. Whether’s it’s med dosages, vent management, sepsis guidelines or ACLS algorithms, you’ll find it here.


Conversions (weight, temperature and length), IV drip rate, pediatric dosing and OB wheel… for iPhone/iPad only.