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Bedside EM (iOS)

The ORIGINAL emergency medicine app, first released in 2011... and still consistently ranked among the top paid medical apps worldwide. Works on both iPhone/iPad. Get yours today!


About Bedside EM

Bedside EM (formerly called ERres) started out as my scholarly project during my emergency medicine residency training. Initially developed as an intern survival guide for my co-residents, it was the first app  I ever submitted to the app store so that others could benefit from all my hard work. Over the past decade it has made its way around the world, helping those on the front lines of emergency medical care. I hope it continues to do so for another decade!

Bedside EM is an easy-to-navigate tool containing the various medication lists, algorithms, decision rules, clinical policies and core content most often looked up by emergency care providers during shifts.


Also used by urgent care, internal medicine, family medicine, ICU and prehospital providers. Great for teaching too!!


An evidence-based and up-to-date app that works on both your iPhone AND iPad (no internet required). Continuously updated and expanded. For a more thorough list of features check it out on the app store!

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