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My Apps

I started developing apps back in 2011 during my emergency medicine residency. I had no coding experience, relying instead on online app building platforms. More recently I have been teaching myself to code using Apple's new Swift/SwiftUI language.  I tend to focus on apps that I personally find useful, whether at the bedside in a busy emergency department or out on the trails miles away from any  hospital. I hope you find them useful as well!


The ORIGINAL emergency medicine app, first released in 2011... and still consistently ranked among the top paid medical apps worldwide.


Mobile version of official MA OEMS prehospital protocols.

​Now updated with 2022.1 protocols 


Dark GCS

Simple, easy to use GCS calculator. It defaults to dark mode but light mode is also supported.

CHA Roadmap (coming soon!)

A project with Cambridge Health Alliance to develop a mobile version of their new ED chest pain protocol utilizing high sensitive troponins and a modified HEART score.

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