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EMERGENCY MEDICINE apps for providers

I first started developing apps as my "scholarly project" during residency training back in 2010. What stated out as an EM survival guide for my fellow interns gradually morphed into ERres (now called Bedside EM) which, over the past decade, has grown into one of the most popular emergency medicine apps IN THE WORLD

I still don't consider myself a coder by any means, and have no intention of quitting my day job. However I have learned a lot along the way and continue to develop apps I find useful for patient care where it matters most... at the bedside. I hope you find them useful too!


Bedside EM for iOS

Bedside EM is an easy-to-navigate tool containing the various medication lists, algorithms, decision rules, and core content most often looked up by emergency care providers during shifts.


Also used by urgent care, internal medicine, family medicine, ICU and prehospital providers. Great for teaching too!!


An evidence-based and up-to-date app that works on both your iPhone AND iPad (no internet required). Continuously updated and expanded. 

Currently $14.99 USD

Subscriptions coming soon, so purchase it today and continue with lifetime access


MA EMS for iOS

MA EMS was developed for anyone involved with prehospital care in Massachusetts. From the newly certified EMT in the back of a rig all by yourself, to the emergency medicine physician providing medical control over the phone, this app will help you provide great care in accordance with the most recently published MA OEMS guidelines. 

30 day free trial

$4.99 / year subscription

$39.99 lifetime access


Wilderness EM for iOS

Most of the wilderness medicine apps currently on the app store are essentially textbooks or a condensed version of a WFA course. 

That is about to change. Coming soon!

Pricing TBD

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